A Time to Think

If you ever spend time by the sea do take some time to think.  Walking on the seashore is one of lives great privileges.  I find an early morning walk with the dog, or a sunset stroll with the family the two occasions when I most value being beside the sea.

During the day the beach is fun, you can dig in the sand, examine rock pools, clamber on rocks, swim in the sea.  You can sunbathe, picnic, sail or canoe, you can write your name in the sand, make patterns with seashells and sea weed.  All great fun, but always done to the background of others doing the same.Brittany Beach

The quiet, peaceful seaside moments are the ones to be found when others are not there.  You are suddenly aware of the space, of the huge land- and water-scapes, of the roar of the waves as they rush towards and away from the shore, or crash on rocks and posts.

Seaweed on the Beach

You notice an abundance of seabirds, not just the gulls, but the waders and divers who now have time to eat on the empty beach.

I particularly love looking down at the shore as the sea withdraws, discovering the tiny details of the flotsam and jetsam left behind.

On the Beach

Brittany Beach

There are two things I recommend you take with you next time you go to the beach.  A camera and your phone!  I take so many photographs in Brittany of the sea and the shoreline, and having the photographs to look at whilst rushing about in London is such a tonic.  Even more rewarding are the short videos I have on my phone, taken during my walks with the dog.  I switch them on, close my eyes and I return to those  early mornings on the beach listening to the sea, the gulls and the wind.

I hope that you get a chance to spend some time at the seaside this year; take some time to go when it’s quiet and uncrowded and breath in the pure air, listen, look and think.

Thanks for reading,


2 responses to “A Time to Think

  1. What a lovely blogpost, Jude. I live within a few minutes walk of the countryside and love to walk there. It is a place where I can think and feel the peace around me. But I love the the seaside too and agree agree with you, to walk along the beach when there is no-one else there and soak up the silence and sense of space is wonderful. I shall have to visit a beach again soon!

  2. Yes a lovely post. Walking on the beach watching the tide ebb and flow is such a poignant reminder of the beauty of planet earth. It’s a simple pleasure and it makes me sad to feel there are many people further away living in war zones, hungry and frightened. We should all be free to experience the joys of the natural world.

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